Environmental & Regulatory Services

Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting (GHG)

Contek has worked with several firms to implement a GHG quantification program. Our approach is to determine: 

  • Regulatory reporting requirements,

    • The Company’s GHG objectives, and

  • Other information that may be needed to satisfy all requirements.


Contek’s GHG PLUS+ program follows the API’s “Compendium of Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimation Methodologies for the Oil and Gas Industry.” The GHG PLUS+ program is a:

  • Menu-driven,

  • User-friendly program, and

  • Allows the user to quickly determine GHG emissions, based on present industry standards.


Contek has also developed an elaborate data collection and management spreadsheet system that some clients prefer to use. This system directly addresses the latest EPA GHG mandatory reporting rule requirements.

Air Emissions Modeling, Evaluation and Reporting

The next program Contek has developed in its series of PLUS+ software is the Emissions PLUS+ program. The Emissions PLUS+ program:

  • Calculates criteria and hazardous pollutants in addition to GHG emissions.

  • Allows the user to input a variety of data based on what is known.  (For example, the program can calculate engine emissions based on stack test data, manufacturer’s ratings, fuel gas usage or hours in service.)


The menu-driven program can be set up quickly to allow the user to determine emissions from minor or major plants and facilities. The program was recently further enhanced for one user to incorporate site-specific data input and reporting. This enabled the program to conform to the facility’s needs instead of the facility conforming to the program’s constraints. The program was nominated for a corporate award.

Air Permitting

With its extensive experience in air permitting and the latest software modeling tools, Contek has helped clients with air permitting processes in several states, such as:

  • Texas,

  • Arkansas, and

  • Oklahoma.


Contek has completed a BLM permitting project in Nevada, assisting a client with a new E&P operation as well as permitting a bio-diesel plant in Oklahoma, and a bulk fuel station in Texas.

SPCC Plans

Contek has extensive experience in developing Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plans for producing properties, as well as for plants and petroleum storage areas. Our plans are in compliance with EPA Regulations, and Contek has Professional Engineers on staff to approve the plans and recommendations. Contek performs assessments for storm water pollution prevention, according to EPA requirements and develops plans.


Several of our projects involve EHS auditing for clients who want to evaluate their operations performance. Contek has reviewed operations and assessed regulatory compliance with Federal, State, BLM and Tribal requirements and industry standards. 

In order to facilitate this process, Contek has developed the Audit PLUS+ program for conducting HSE compliance audits. The program incorporates over 1,800 protocols covering:

  • Air

  • Water

  • Waste

  • EPA

  • DOT and

  • OSHA regulations


Audit PLUS+ quickly allows the auditors to select protocols pertinent to a particular facility for review. The auditor simply fills in the findings, recommendations and assigns a risk value for each protocol reviewed. The program generates reports and spreadsheets that can be used to help the user effectively make corrections in order to ensure full regulatory compliance. Site-specific protocols can easily be built into the program. Audit PLUS+ has been used in dozens of audits coast-to-coast throughout the United States.

Environmental Program Development & Implementation
Phase I Environmental Assessment

Contek has performed numerous Phase I environmental reviews of both undeveloped and developed properties. A great many of the assessments have included long-term oil and gas well sites and production facilities. Our Phase I reviews have been done for clients involved in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Our Phase I reviews are based on ASTM Standards and supervised by a Professional Engineer. Contek also has capabilities to perform Phase II assessments. 


Environmental Management Information Systems

The latest addition to the PLUS+ series has been the EMIS PLUS+ program. This program incorporates all of the features of the Emissions PLUS+ program and allows the user to manage waste water and chemical usage. The program also includes:

  • HSE Auditing PLUS+ software (allowing the user to more efficiently conduct comprehensive regulatory audits of facilities),

  • Incident reporting,

  • Management of change, and

  • OSHA 300 logging routines.

Contek has extensive experience in the:

  • Design

  • Development

  • Implementation and Management of environmental,                  health and safety programs,

  • Policy

  • Standards and Procedures

Our experience includes Safety and Environmental Management System development and implementation. Several clients with production  operations have utilized Contek to develop management procedures and practices, in order to deliver support services in safety and environmental standards.


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