Field Data Gathering Services


Whether your needs are for asset inventories, environmental data/audits, safety data/audits, mechanical integrity audits, or any other boots on the ground needs, Contek can provide highly qualified people for reliable and consistent results. Contek has visited over 10,000 sites to date for our clients, including oil and gas well sites, natural gas compressor sites, and related pipelines and storage facilities.

Equipment Inventories

Site/Equipment Pictures - Current pictures of sites and relevant equipment allow for quick reference of the layout and overall scope of the site.


Major Equipment Inventory - Manufacturer, Model Numbers, Serial Numbers of Major Equipment for proper asset management.


Ancillary Equipment Inventory - PSVs, Valves, Control Valves, Electrical Devices, Safety Devices, etc. for detailed asset management and maintenance schedule management.


Field data is entered on-site into a database on intrinsically safe Panasonic Toughbook tablets.

  • Data sync is conducted every evening.

  • Report is automatically emailed to predetermined client personnel.

  • Action items can be discussed at morning meeting the following day.

  • Data can be exported and uploaded into client’s data management systems.

Audits & Checklists

Environmental Data & Checklists - Subpart W Data, Quad O Data, Chemical Inventory, Leak/Spill Identification, SPCC Plans, SWPPP, etc. for regulatory compliance and costly fine mitigation.


Safety Data & Checklists - A general hazard review can be conducted in accordance with OSHA regulations to ensure the safety of field personnel.


Mechanical Integrity Audits - Equipment can be reviewed to ensure safe operating conditions are met and safety systems associated with relative equipment are properly set and testing is up to date.


Action Item Identification - Contek will identify items of significant environmental or safety concern, which will in turn be presented to relevant field personnel within 24 hours using Contek’s field data management and notification system.


Due Diligence - Contek can put boots on the ground to review planned acquisitions prior to purchase, so you know exactly what it is that you are purchasing. This can help in purchasing determinations and negotiations.

Surveys, Sampling & Other Services

Plot Plan Creation/Modification - To create an accurate site layout, as well as reviewing proper spacing of equipment and process flow.


NORM Surveys - Helps identify potential NORM concerns before thresholds are reached that would result in costly cleaning and disposal fees.


Sampling (H2S, Glycol) - Ensures that sites are meeting pipeline contractual obligations and help improve safety and site integrity by identifying new corrosion and H2S presence.


Ultrasonic Thickness Testing - Can be conducted if you are considering the implementation of a corrosion monitoring/control program.


GPS Pipeline and Flowline Mapping - Conducted using Trimble GPS units.


Leak Detection (Optical Gas Imaging) - You have spent a great deal of money to get the gas out of the ground. Therefore, why not make sure it stays in the pipes? Optical gas imaging can locate leaks of all sizes to prioritize maintenance schedules to increase profits, increase safety of field personnel, and reduce potential for environmental fines.


Data Entry - Contek can provide skilled people to enter data directly into SiteView, Excel, Access, and other data management systems.

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