Safety & Risk Management Services

A Safe Workplace Helps You....


  • Increase quality

  • Increase employee morale

  • Increase production efficiency

  • Increase your bottom line

  • Avoid injuries and loss of life

  • Avoid loss of reputation

  • Avoid business interruption

  • Avoid loss of property

  • Avoid regulatory penalties

  • Crisis management systems

  • Written safety information

  • Workplace hazard assessments

  • Hazard/risk assessments

  • Written operating procedures

  • Safety perception surveys and BBS

  • Emergency response procedures

  • Written procedures for management of change

  • Accident prevention plans and risk management plans

  • Systems to address prevention, mitigation and emergency response

  • Safe work practices

Process Safety
  • Mechanical integrity

  • Workplace hazard/risk assessment

  • Written operating procedures

  • Provide written safety and operating information

  • Relief vent systems and devices

  • Structural analysis

  • Flare studies

  • PSV sizing

  • Design studies

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA/HAZOP)

    • Midstream, PSM facilities, Production sites, CTBs, Completions

  • Pre-startup safety reviews of all newly installed or modified equipment

  • Regulatory safety audits

  • Third-party incident investigators

  • Expert witness

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