How Do I Speed Up a HAZOP and Make it More Interesting?

May 28, 2018


One of the most common complaints of those attending a HAZOP is that HAZOPs can become many weeks in length resulting in participants losing interest.  Contek has conducted hundreds of HAZOPs and clients insist on Contek’s FIRSTS approach.  So, what is FIRSTS?


Fast:   Contek strives to conduct HAZOP group sessions 25% to 50% faster than usual.   Contek can do this by extensive pre-planning, becoming very familiar with the process, gathering & reviewing the process safety information (PSI) well in advance of the HAZOP.  Contek spends a lot of time “upfront” so that there is no wasted time at the group sessions.   Contek’s facilitators have conducted hundreds of HAZOPs and have extensive Operations and Engineering backgrounds.  This gives Contek’s facilitators an edge in leading the group through the HAZOP process.   


Inclusive:  Contek’s facilitators strive to keep everyone attending the HAZOP engaged in the process.  It is very important that certain individuals do not monopolize the HAZOP meeting.  Operations, maintenance, I&E and other field personnel need to be heard during the sessions along with the other people in attendance.


Risk Based:  Contek follows the CCPS guidelines to make the HAZOP risk based.  Risk is examined for each potential deviation. Contek follows established HAZOP methodology to identify deviations, consequences and safeguards.  If necessary, a Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) can be made to determine the adequacy of the safeguard.


Standards: The Contek approach relies on established recommended practices, standards and codes for guidance.   Contek’s facilitators work with the group to make sure that all applicable design and operating standards have been included in the design.  OSHA & EPA’s requirements for PSM and RMP are also included.  The HAZOP looks at previous incidents, human factors, siting, and other requirements.  Contek provides the most comprehensive HAZOP possible.


Timely:  Contek works with the client to make sure that the HAZOP is conducted at the “right” point in the process design schedule or during the revalidation time process.  Contek also will provide the PHA team a spreadsheet of results immediately after the group session.  Complete reports are provided usually within one week of the PHA session.


Safe:  HAZOPs need to examine all possible deviations that could lead to a process failure.   Contek’s highly experienced facilitators have led hundreds of HAZOP’s resulting in safer facilities.  To Contek’s knowledge, there has never been an injury or significant loss of property due to a missed HAZOP item using the FIRSTS approach. 


Are your HAZOPs becoming boring and mundane?  Use Contek’s FIRSTS approach to keep your next HAZOP interesting and you can rest assured that it will help keep your facilities safer.  


Contact Matt Frazell at 972-441-2223 for more information.

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